Hair Accessories, price in Dubai, UAE

How to change a classic hairstyle and give it an original look? How to make it look both subtle and refined? Every woman knows perfectly well that hair accessories can help - and we offer them at attractive prices for UAE! The offer includes only fashionable designs, according to the latest trends. A wide range of colors, patterns and types of accessories creates great opportunities for experiments. Check the hair accessories we selected for customers in Dubai - for you and for all women, both adults and the youngest ones.


Price Range

Hairbands - a classic 

They have been worn for many years and returned to the top again after being forgotten for a while. Hairbands come in a thin, very discreet version and a wide one that plays a leading role in the whole hairstyle. These are hair accessories that are often chosen in UAE because of their colors and rich ornamentation. Hairbands are both practical and decorative. They hold your hair combed back, especially those stiffer and wider ones. However, if you want your hairbands to be primarily an ornament, then you can go for the ones with shiny stones, brocade, colorful flowers, in a neon shade or with a girlish ribbon bow. 

Hairclips for long and short hair

Hairclips are undoubtedly the most popular hair accessories. In Dubai the fashion is very diverse and so is our offer of hairclips. We are sure that every woman will find the most suitable solution for her. hair clips come in smaller and larger sizes. Some are extremely stylish, shiny, topped with sequins and brocade. There are also hairclips in pastel shades, with additional ornaments such as ribbon bows, 3D flowers or butterflies. Hairclips, just like hairbands, can be used to provide your hair with all the support you need. They can be worn on every occasion, no matter if you wear your hair loose, in a ponytail, braid or bun.

Other hair accessories available in UAE 

What else can you find in our store? For example, we offer a wide selection of colorful headscarves that can be tied in many ways. They work perfectly as a hairband or a hair tie. You can find here also scrunchies and terry bands that will help you make a classic and more elegant ponytail. There is also a range of hats and caps, both for winter and summer, with a pompom or a visor for little girls and adult women. We selected patterns with the most favorite characters for the youngest, including Hello Kitty and colorful unicorns.
shop from various hair enhancing products like hair straightener, roller, curler, and dryer. Buy a pack of these goodies to keep them near and style your hair the way you want to. All these hair accessories are available to our customers from Dubai. Remember that fashion accessories are always a good way to change your style when you think it's getting boring or to emphasize your individuality and character even more.