Electric and manual Breast Pumps, price in Dubai, UAE

A breast pump is one of each mother's best friends. It is available in our store for Dubai at attractive prices. A breast pump is a device that allows you to express breast milk. It is extremely convenient, especially when we are going on a longer journey, for a walk, visiting friends or just leaving the baby in the care of a babysitter or close relative. With a breast pump you can feed the baby in every circumstances. The device generates negative pressure, under which food is sucked out of the breast. There are many types of breast pumps, with manual breast pumps being the simplest ones. Women from Dubai choose them relatively often, just like any other nursing mothers around the world. However, the popularity of electric breast pumps is constantly growing. They are more expensive, but definitely more convenient to use.



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Breast pumps: manual or electric? 

We can divide breast pumps into two basic groups. Manual ones are cheaper and their work is quieter, but they require greater involvement than electric breast pumps. If you express milk very often, you may feel discomfort after using manual breast pumps every time. However, this is an option that works great when used from time to time and not necessarily on a daily basis. Electric breast pumps are characterized by a higher price and they are louder, but they are more convenient to use. They do not require constant hand pumping as the motor inside is responsible for maintaining the vacuum. The electric breast pumps are available for women from Dubai in different variants and thus in a wide price range. 

Both manual breast pumps and electric breast pumps can be divided into smaller groups. Among the manual ones, we can distinguish classic pear breast pumps, equipped with a kind of pump that should be clenched and released rhythmically. To use it to express milk you need both hands. The alternative is a piston breast pump - the pear pump is replaced here with a piston and a more convenient pump, and it can be operated with only one hand. 

In our e-shop in Dubai, you can find several variants of electric breast pumps to choose from, including devices powered by the electric network, so they require access to electricity and a power joint. Therefore, their use is limited to some extent. If you need more freedom to use the electric breast pump, we recommend to choose a model that is powered with batteries or interchangeably with batteries or using the electric network, or with a car charger in addition.  

Single and double breast pumps 

Single and double breast pumps are also available in our store for customers from Dubai. The first variant will be perfect if you need it for expressing milk sporadically, in exceptional situations. The double breast pump expresses food from both breasts at the same time and definitely speeds up the process. This is a great solution for women who express milk regularly. Thanks to it, it is possible to obtain up to 18% more milk than when pumping from one breast after the other.

Why should you opt for a breast pump?

While we have spoken about the various options of breast pumps you have, and the timing when pumping the milk would be accurate, let us take a look at the reasons why you should use a breast pump in the first place.

  • It is quintessential to maintain a feeding time for your baby. Hence, breast pumps help you to save time and also take care of the routine feeding times of your babies. 

  • Breast pumps assist working or busy mothers in providing their babies with breast milk. It helps the mother to work accordingly and complete her daily chores or her work.

  • Sometimes a mother can run low on milk supply. Breast pumps help to increase the milk supply hence providing mothers to store the milk to feed their babies maintaining the routine.

  • For a baby, it may occur that they cannot consume breast milk directly. In times like these, breast pumps help to provide the baby with the mother's milk, which helps in their growth and development.