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The most common and classic games of all time are puzzles. Be it an animal puzzle or a tower that you need to construct, puzzles are forever the A-game! From numbering, naming, alphabets, places, animals, stories, cartoons, puzzles have a wide array of topics, some of which impart knowledge and helps your child to learn in a fun and creative manner. Puzzles also help an adult to check their skills and IQ level. While picking up a puzzle, check the puzzles in Dubai, puzzles in UAE, and to check their prices, you can filter your search using puzzles price in UAE or puzzle price on Dubai.


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Did you know solving puzzles are good for your mental health?

  • Puzzles have a unique way of teaching an individual about so many things. The prior education that puzzles bestow us with are thinking and solving any situation. From thinking logically to recognizing a pattern or an image, puzzles help us to focus more on the game. 

  • Are you aware that puzzles help improve one's intelligence quotient? Apart from being fun and solving a puzzle, it also teaches kids and elders to reason and nudges on the general knowledge one has. 

  • Being a brain teaser, they require undivided attention, which makes an individual's concentration more focused. It improves one's required attention toward the problem.

  • It helps an individual to enhance their cognitive abilities. Puzzles make a person think and make them exercise their brains towards productive results.

Puzzles for kids

The most fun way to educate and speed up your child's development is by making them solve puzzles. 

With unique and cute puzzles to solve, they think and react to the game that helps them to pick up a few development characteristics as well. To teach a child basic skills, puzzles are the most efficient way to go about it. From understanding maths and fractions to an image that needs to be completed, it helps the child to think in a fun way. It makes your child more focused on their goal, introduces shapes and structures in a cheerful manner. 

Types of Puzzles 

There are various kinds of puzzles that you can opt for. Let us take a look at all the options that are available for puzzle games.

Cartoon, stories, and anime puzzles: an all-time favourite puzzle of kids, cartoons, and anime puzzles is a fun game for all ages. From arranging the pieces of puzzles to increase their concentration and attention, this type of puzzles holds their interest for a long time.

There are a lot of puzzles in forms of cartoons and animes that depict a story with moral values that makes your child learn.

Name, place, animal, and thing: as old as this game goes, these are also included in puzzles. From building up a monument or historical place to animal puzzles, kids learn faster this way. From alphabet building to pick up the image, puzzles are available in all these varieties. 

Numbers and game puzzles: from building puzzles to numbering puzzles, these too help your child to grow and assist them in understanding basic skills.